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Located in Denver, Colorado, the Tirella Law Firm has been serving clients with an array of legal issues since 2008. Priding ourselves on our work and our no-nonsense approach to problems as well as our accessibility to clients over weekends and during evenings, we are happy to continue to serve our community in this difficult economic downturn.
Adam A. Tirella, our attorney, graduated with a B.A., Cum Laude, from Temple University. He went on to attend the University of Colorado School of Law. He has published in national journals, served as a judicial assistant in the Denver District Court, and has volunteered extensively for various non-profit legal organizations. Mr. Tirella has successfully practiced law of different kinds for 12 years, while focusing and specializing primarily in Bankruptcy law. He has compassionately helped thousands of people erase millions of dollars of debt and gain a fresh start.



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Questions And Answers

Yes. You may file multiple bankruptcies over time. Consult with our attorney to determine your specific options.

A recent and significant case will make discharging student loans much easier in a chapter 7 or chapter 13 filing. Consult with our attorney for more details on that subject.

Bankruptcy will generally increase your credit score.  You can finance a new car immediately after filing a bankruptcy, and in two years you are eligible to purchase a house.

Domestic support obligations, most student loans, criminal restitution, and debts incurred by fraud or deliberate property damage cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

all consumer debts, debts on cars that were repoed or that you no longer wish to keep, specific tax debts, overpayment of unemployment benefits, lawyers fees, medical bills and all personal lines of credit all disappear in bankruptcy.